Zafina Guide (Season 3)



Hello everyone!
This guide will function as an overview of Zafinas punishment, moves, various stances and combos.
Each stance will have its own section, where the appropriate moves will be looked at.
Note that this guide will refer to intermediate concepts such as frame data and Tekken notations.
It is always a good idea to know these concepts, and I'd recommened you to look them up if you haven't already.
The guide has been written by PiKaH, who you can find here:

If there are any mistakes regarding frames or otherwise, feel free to put a comment and it'll get fixed!

- Aisk








+4 on hit, -4 on block




+2 on hit, -5 on block

Transistions into tarantula stance



+1 on hit, -8 on block

Transistions into scarecrow stance



+5 on hit, -4 on block




+3 on hit, -13 on block

Has a delayable followup ( 1+2)



+12 on hit, -6 on block

Nothing guaranteed after



KND, -6 on block

db4,2 guaranteed for a 49 dmg punish



KND, -13 on block




KND, -13 on block




Launcher, -12 on block

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+2 on hit, -9 on block

Not a lot of range



Launcher, -13 on block




Launcher, -14 on block

Can transistion into mantis stance which will make her -40, but it can catch people off guard as they will have to dash for the punish.

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Watch the video to see stance animations:

via Gfycat


This stance is the one that you’ll start the round with, and is the only stance where you can actually block, sidestep, and backdash following the tekken basics. Neutral stance has no crushing, however, Zafina has a good sidestep and an excellent backdash.

Most useful moves:

b1+2 - (Low) i16 -17/-2/-2

A very long range low that only does 12 damage. It might seem like an awful move framewise, but when you’re spacing it’s a great tool that hits from range 2+. The move also functions as a good round ender / starter, and works well as a whiff punisher.

ff+2 - (High) i15 +1/KND/Launch

Homing CH launcher that does good damage despite it being an instant S! Even if it’s a high it’s a good option since you can mix it up with ff+4, which is a mid safe homing move that makes ff+2 way riskier to duck.

ff+4 - (Mid) i17 -8/KND/KND

Homing move that low crushes and has A LOT of range, feel free to spam it when you’re range 3. It does KND on hit, and if you hit the opponent midair it will S!

df+1 - (Mid) i13 -5/+7/+7

Generic df+1 that has a lower hitbox and is more minus than normal. This will impact in a few things, you’ll be able to pick up Eddy’s RLX, slides, Xiaoyu’s AOP 4~3 on block etc. You can make them respect the -5 df+1 on block by doing the follow-up, df+1,2, which is -13 on block. Additionally, you can make them respect this follow-up by using df+1,2,1 which is also -13 on block and KND on hit .

b+3 - (Mid) i24 -9/-5/-5

This move is her power crush, it is linear, hits grounded, and is very minus on hit. B+3 is good against strings and has an ok range, I would use it only vs. opponents that mash a lot.

ff+3 - (Mid) i20 +4/+9/KND

CH launcher that can transition into stance, both options can combo on CH, only tracks to the left.

b+4 - (Mid) i22 -9/+4/+4

Good way to splat the opponent at the wall, has a follow up (b+4,4) that is -14 but splats from pretty far away, is hit confirmable, and does good damage. However, it should be noted that the move is very stepable, so use it mostly at the wall.

d+3 - (Low) i22 -15/+2/KND

CH launcher that goes under highs and some mids, very good and spamable, combo does a lot of damage. Be sure to use it to go under everything and get combos.

db+3 - (Low) i18 -8/+3/+3

The move is 0 on hit if you cancel the SCR transition, or +3 if you go into SCR. Basic low tool.

FC df+3 - (Low) i23 -26/KND/KND

Crushes a lot and can option select many strings where you’re in FC, good to know but extremely unsafe.

1+2 - (Mid) i16 -12/+4/KND

CH launcher, fast, and the most important thing, its' follow-up, 1+2,4 is only -10 and doesn’t eliminate the combo on CH. There is a 3rd hit (1+2,4,4) that will S! but even on CH it’s not really worth it. On NH you’ll get a full combo, though the opponent can cut the string by jabbing between the 2nd and 3rd hit.

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Scarecrow (SCR)

This stance is the one you will use the most, because a lot of moves will transition into it and you’ll get frames to mix it up. You are able to side step in this stance.

You can get to this stance manually by pressing 3+4, or through the following list of moves:

MNT 1,3

Press b to cancel the transition, works with all moves listed.

Most useful moves:

In this section I’m not going to talk about startup frames (same with the other stances), because of the simple reason that startup frames aren't the most interesting thing here, but instead the crushing and the reward you can get.

SCR 1+2 - (Mid) i17 +6/KND/Launch

CH launcher that hits grounded and gives follow up on NH, one of her best moves, USE IT!

SCR 2 - (Mid) i14 -7/+7/KND

CH launcher, good if you’re not plus enough to use SCR 1+2. It has a mid follow-up (SCR 2,2 ), which is useful if you think the opponent is gonna press, it is -10 on block though.

SCR df+4 - (Low) i19 -14/+7/KND

CH launcher, can transition into MNT.

SCR 4 - (Mid) i14 -13/Launch/Launch

Armored launcher, however it is launch punishable on block as you’re -13 if you stay in SCR, meaning that you won’t be able to block, and -18 if you cancel the stance.

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Mantis (MNT)

You can manually transition to MNT by pressing d+3+4, and this stance will allow you to do very deep side steps . You can cancel the stance by holding db, however, you’re able to block in MNT and even evade highs / some mids due to the crouching position she adops.

You can also transistion into MNT through the following list of moves:

d+2,4 (press down to go into TAR instead)

Hold down to transistion:

ws+2 (very evasive)
FC 3
SCR df+3
SCR df+3,3
SCR df+4
SCR d+4
SCR 3,3,d+4 

Most useful moves:

MNT d+3,1 - (L,M) i15 -9/KND/KND

Uninterruptible and tracks pretty well, it will keep you in mantis but you lose your turn. Full combo on CH for good damage, which is greast as this string is safe.

MNT 1 - (Mid) i13 -6/+5/+5

A jab that will transistion out of the stance. This is the best way to get out of MNT, as transistioning to neutral manually (db) makes her do a weird animation that is unsafe.

MNT 3 - (Low) i22 -14/+3+KND

A good crushing low that launches on CH and evades pretty well. Since you’re +3 on hit, it presents a good opportunity to mindgame your opponent.

MNT 1+2 - (Mid) i20 -13/KND/KND

Power crush that gives confirmed hits on hit. It's good if the opponent gets too mashy, but be careful vs. chars that have an i13 ws launcher (Eddy/Kaz/Josie/Akuma).

MNT 2 - (Mid) i13 -14/-3/CS

CH launcher with two follow-ups: MNT 2,1 (M,M) which is also -14, and MNT 2,1,4 (M,M,M) which is -13.

MNT df+2 - (Mid) i19 -9/Launch/Launch

Good safe mid launcher from stance.

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Tarantula (TRT)

Press d1+2 to transition into TRT manually, and db to transistion out of it. This stance will crush a lot, however, it is not possible to step, block, or even backdash while in TRT. She does a weird animation when transitioning out of the stance, which makes her unsafe as she is returning to neutral stance. In my opinion, this is by far the worst stance she has. Zafina is not very punishable during TRT, as the moves that will hit her counts as floated meaning that the damage will be less.

You can also transistion into TRT through the following list of moves:

d+2,4 (you need to hold down)
SCR 1+2 (you need to hold down)

Most useful moves:

TRT 1 - (Low) i18 -11/+5/KND

Crushes well and gives you plus frames, but it will only do 18 damage on hit.

TRT 4,3 - (M,M) i26 -14/KND/KND

1st hit is -22 and 2nd -14, but the animation looks really weird so it’s the kind of move you’ll use once a set, that might work if the opponent hasn’t labbed Zafina hard enough. The second hit is a launcher on NH, so you’ll get rewarded for taking a risk.

TRT 3 - (Mid) i14 -7/KND/KND

Gives a free TRT D1+2 on hit. Technically, TRT 3 looks safe, but it actually isn’t since you can’t block while in TRT, which means that you can get punished on block even if the move is only -7. However, because the stance crushes a lot, the opponent won't get a big reward as the punish will count as a "float".

TRT d1+2 - (Low) i25 -21/KND/KND

Transistions into MNT (which is a way better stance), and does a KND so you get a free mixup after the transistion. This is generally a good way to get out of TRT.

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Sample Combos


-S! ff+2, df+1, f+2,3~b, b+1:1+2 - 77dmg 

SCR 4~b

-3, SCR d+3,3~b S! dash uf+1, b+1:1+2 - 74dmg


-ff+2 S! uf1, f+2,3~b, b1:1+2 - 68dmg

-uf+1, 3 SCR 3+4 S! dash uf+1, b+1:1+2  - 67dmg

-ff+2 S! uf+1 f+2,3b b+1:1+2 - 67dmg

-ff+2 S! ff+2 df+1 f+2,3,4 - 66dmg

-ff+2 S! uf+1 df+1 f+2,3,4 - ??dmg

-ff+2 S! ff+2 df+1,2,1 - ??dmg


-ff+2 S! ff+2 df+1 b+1:1+2 - 71dmg

CH SCR 1+2

-ff+2 S! uf1, f+2,3~b b+1:1+2 - 87dmg 

CH MNT 4,3

-MNT df+2, df+1, f+2, SCR 3+4 S! dash b+1:1+2 - 86dmg 


-ff+2 S! uf+1, f+2,3~b b+1:1+2 - 78dmg

CH 1+2

-iWS+4, df+1, f+2,3 SCR 3+4 S! b+1:1+2 - 75dmg 

CH d+4,3/CH db+4,2

-uf+1, df+1, f+2,3, SCR 3+4 S! b+1:1+2 - 72dmg/86dmg

MNT df+2

-df+1,4 S! uf+1, 1, b+1:1+2 - 55dmg 

-ff+2 S! uf+1 f+2,3~b b+1:1+2 - ??dmg

CH ff+2

-S! ff+2, df+1, f+2,3~b b+1:1+2 - 82dmg

-S! ff+2, df+1, f+2,3 SCR 3+4 - 75dmg

Rage Drive

-f+3~b S! uf1, f+2,3~b b+1:1+2 - 84dmg

-mini-ss uf+1 ff+2 S! uf+1 f+2,3,4 - 81dmg

CH ff+3

-SCR d+3,3~b S! uf+1 1 b+1:1+2 - 77dmg

CH (1+2)4,4

-d/b+3~b, d/f+1, f+2,3, SCR 3+4 S! b+1:1+2 - 89dmg

CH (1)4

-TRT1+2 S! fff+2,3 SCR3+4 - ??dmg


-MNT d+1,4 s! uf+1 f+2,3,4 - 60dmg

-MNT d+3,1, MNT d+1,4 S! dash uf+1 b+1:1+2 - 66dmg

CH f+2

-manual SCR(3+4) d+3,3~b S! uf+1 f+2,3,4 - 64dmg

-iWS+4 df+1 f+2,3 SCR 3+4 S! ff b+1:1+2 - 71dmg

SCR df+3,3

-ws+3, d+3,3~b S! f+2,3,4 - 64dmg

MNT (4),3

-2,1,4~b S! uf+1 b+1:1+2 - 73dmg

-d+1,4 S! uf+1 f+2,3,4 - 66dmg


-ff+2 S! ff+2 df+1 f+2,3,4 - 76dmg has to be a fast ff+2

-uf+1 uf+1 f+2,3 SCR 3+4 S! b+1:1+2 - 82dmg

-uf+1 ff+2 S! uf+1 f+2,3,4 - 75dmg more consistent


-ff+2 S! ff2 df+1 f+2,3,4 - 69dmg

-uf+1 ff+2 S! uf+1 f+2,3,4 - 68dmg more consistent
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-uf+1 df+1 f+2,3 scr 3+4 S! b+1:1+2 - 53dmg

-uf+1 ff+2 S! uf+1 f+2,3,4 - 51dmg


-db+1~f, df+1, f+2,3, SCR 3+4, b+1:1+2 - 42dmg

Wall carry options:

Short combos: df+4,2 / df+1,2,1 / f+2,3,4

Long combos: ff3+4 / df+3,4 / SCR 3+4

Wall combos:

W! df+1 df+1,2,1 (low splat)

W! uf+1 df+1,2,1 (high splat)


Credits to JFK, topflat, apeburger, NoobDotDot, caramel, WuMing, Fergus, and the Zafina Discord for the combos.

Taokaka meow’s video: T7 - What Zafina's Movelist Doesn't Tell You!

Fergus’ written guide!

Sybrus from FGC Belgium

The art is made by

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