Salty New Year Update


Hello bois, I hope you all had a great New Year!

I would like to thank every degenerate who has been part of Salty for the last year, it is safe to say that I did not expect the community to grow at the rate that it has. I’d also like to extend a special thanks to everyone who has helped me the past year, whether it be moderating, commentating or doing the occasional odd job. Seriously, you guys are the BEST and Salty would not be where it is without you!

On a personal level it has been a ton of fun travelling and meeting a bunch of you guys, and I hope to be able to travel even more this year. When I look back at the past year it is full of great memories, and I hope that 2019 will bring even more!

Changes to Salty in 2019

General changes in 2019

Now, with 2018 behind us it is time to look ahead at what 2019 will bring for Salty EU and the community. As some of you might have noticed we have gotten a few more moderators on our Discord server. The server has grown to contain more than 400 people, and I want to ensure that it is a place where everyone can feel welcome. It is important to say that I do not want the place to become excessively moderated, however, it is nice for someone to be able to step in when I am not online.

We will also update the #info on Discord in the next few days (it was horribly outdated anyway) and add a few ground rules. Do not expect the addition of rules to change the Discord much, it will mostly be there to justify cases where rules might need to be enforced.

Tournament changes in 2019

Speaking of rules, the Salty EU tournaments will also have a few rules changes. Firstly, the rules themselves will be rewritten to minimize misinterpretations. Secondly, new rules that have always been implicit within the community will be added, to ensure the best experience for all.

Finally, players from outside of Europe, including Israel, will no longer be allowed to participate after Salty EU #60. While I feel bad for banning some people who have been with Salty since the beginning, I do believe it will be the best solution moving forward. The rules have been way too ambiguous regarding who could participate, and that has caused more issues than I can count.

This rule change is meant to limit the amount of connection related issues at tournaments and improve the experience of all competitors. Additionally, the rules will be easier for me and my judges to enforce, if they are less ambiguous. Now, off to something a little more exciting!

Things to come!

  • Weekly Tekken 7 tournaments every Saturday at 18:10CET!
  • 12th of January: Tekken 7 Team Tournament (Character locked teams)
  • 20th of January: The first ever Salt-D League of Legends tournament!
  • 20th of January and beyond: Weekly Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2 tournaments!
    • Sign up: TBA.
  • Mid-late February and beyond: Salty EU League Season 2!
    • More info to come soon
  • Salty EU leaderboards will be added to the website!

  • Shill leaderboards will be added to the website!
    • Shills will be reset and will have some sort of use (specifics are TBA.)
  • The backlog of older Salty EU tournaments will finally be edited and uploaded to Youtube!
    • Some have already been uploaded and you can find them here
  • A section on the website that will feature community streamers
    • Will highlight streamers who are online if possible
  • Offline Salty EU event of some sort (possibly at Headstomper?)
    • Alternatively, a big Salty meetup at an offline event
  • Sponsor a player to go to Headstomper

  • Partner with other TOs to have even more “official” Salty EU events
    • Including Tekken 7 and other games
  • Some form of Salty EU merchandise, as an alternative way to support the tournament prize pool, commentators or sponsor a player
    • Some form of reward for commentators in general
  • A player with the Salty EU tag surviving their pool to reach top32 and beyond at a TWT event!

  • Have a highlight reel made every 10th Salty or so, showcasing the hypest and funniest moments!

Thanks again to everyone for being a part of Salty in 2018, let’s have an awesome 2019 as well!

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