SaltyEU Sponsorship Invitational


What is it?

If you have no idea what the event is, this section will hopefully answer all your questions!

The tournament format

  • 16 person invitational tournament (All players have been confirmed and will be announced soon)
  • People have been chosen based on different parameters, including skill and community engagement
  • 4x groups of 4 players, which will be seeded according to the parameters above (Round Robin)
  • The 1st place of each group will advance on the winners side of a top8 Double Elimination bracket
  • The 2nd place of each group will advance on the losers side of a top8 Double Elimination bracket

Prize - Single event sponsorship

  • Event + Tekken 7 game ticket for Headstomper 2019
  • Unconfirmed crowdfunded amount going towards flights/hotel (More on that later in the article)
  • The winner must enter the tournament with the "Salty EU" tag
  • The winner must wear a "Team Salty" shirt that we will provide


  • The invitational tournament will be held on the 2nd of March instead of Salty EU #66 (18:00CET on our stream)
  • Headstomper will take place on May 3-5 in Malmö, Sweden


It is time for us to address the elephant in the room, how are we going to pay for the sponsorship?

  • I'll personally kick-start the pool with 30Euro
  • Half of the money I normally use to kick-start Salty prize pools will go towards the sponsorship: 40Euro (Meaning all events before Headstomper will start on 5Euro instead of 10Euro)
  • Salty EU #65 will feature grudge matches with donation incentives, where all money raised will be going towards the sponsorship
  • We will launch a Teespring page where the money from every item sold will go towards the sponsorship (We plan on making t-shirts, team jerseys, and maybe hats)
  • ...And more! (In case we don't reach a sufficient amount with the above)

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