Noctis Guide: YOYUU your way to victory.



  1. Introduction
  2. Move Analysis
  3. Combos
  4. Gameplan
  5. Counter Gameplan
  6. Conclusion

Introduction *The guide needs to be adjusted for S3

Noctis Lucis Caelum was introduced as the second DLC character in season 1 and the third guest character (the other two being Geese Howard and Akuma/Gouki) in Tekken 7. Noctis however is the first guest character in Tekken 7 to originate from a non-fighting game. He is very interesting in his playstyle, he doesn’t have a meter but he has a large arsenal of weapon moves that in certain ways make him feel more like a Soul Calibur character than a Tekken character.

He was designed for newer players as he has easy execution on basic combos and great range making it harder to whiff. That being said on higher levels of play he has plenty of weaknesses like being very linear on many moves, very unsafe on many moves, lackluster options up close and so on. These factors made him unattractive for higher level play in season 1, where he barely saw any play past release. Only a handful of idiots like myself continued to vouch for him and use him. Now in Season 2 he has received numerous buffs turning him from a low-tier character to a solid mid-tier.

His buffs in season 2 combined with a certain video from a certain Swedish someone has flooded ranked with many Noctii looking to cash in on his buffs(especially to his moveset that performs well online). Even if they aren’t character loyalist I happily welcome more brothers-in-arms and hope this guide will help you understand this character better and how to win with him even at higher levels.

Move Analysis

In this section I will go over Noctis' moves in the movelist by order in the movelist. I assume readers have knowledge of Tekken notation as there are plenty of information sources online (e.g. I'll list my thoughts about the move and what use it has if any.

Rage Art

d+1+2 - Noctis has access to a mid Rage Art with a classic 20 f startup and very unsafe on block at -32. Its hitbox reaches far and high, being able to hit a raven doing her haze unblockable out of the air. The RA has evasive frames build into it, as Noctis steps back in the startup animation as he summons his Royal Arms(tm) and slashes. This stepping back does pose a problem sometimes, especially with your back against the wall at an angle (which is almost always the case in rounded stages like Arena for instance). The stepping back collides with the wall which is impassable forcing your character to slide along it, completely ruining your axis and making you miss in a Harada’s finger moment as demonstrated in the clip. This also happens to other evasive RA like Master Raven and Devil Jin.

The most important quality might be the fact that Noctis says yoyuu(余裕) at the end of his Rage Art saving you the time of using his taunt at the end of a round.

(translator note: yoyuu(余裕) means EZPZ.)

Rage Drive

f+2+3 - is the command for his rage drive and an upgraded version of his f+2, also being a special mid projectile that doesn’t cause chip damage on block. Instead of his sword he throws his great sword, and despite this sword being heavier he manages to do it faster by 2 frames, as this move has a startup of 18 frames, so you can use it to punish moves that are 18+ frales and move your or their character far away from one another (e.g. Claudio’s f+2,2). It causes a wall splat on hit before the wall and when used as a wall combo on a straight enough splat you can get another wall combo (b+4,1+2 being most consistent as shown in the clip).

Just like f+2 it can be stepped so be careful throwing this out when your opponent is taking big steps in anticipation of your Rage Drive. On block this move is +1~2 and pushes your opponent back in similar fashion to Fengs’ Rage Drive shoulder. If your opponent hits the wall with their back they will take damage (can kill! looks hilarious!) and be at more frame disadvantage depending on distance. You can use this RD when you are at range 2+- and your opponents back is to the wall so it either hits them and get a wall combo or push them into the wall, get guaranteed damage and then force a wall mix-up between Emoman and f,F+1+2.

Jab Strings

1 - Noctis has access to the classic 10 frame jab like the rest of the cast. His jab is high, +1 on block and +8 on hit. It’s a good tool to apply pressure and to keep out opponents who want to run in on you to range 0 (right in your face) and mix you up. It can be ducked and stepped but on a whiff it recovers relatively fast making it hard to land a solid whiff punish against. He doesn’t have the most amazing range on his jab but it isn’t the worst either. Being +8 on hit leaves Noctis with good options on a confirmed hit allowing you to dictate the next move.

1,2 - Noctis has like many characters a straight right punch follow up to his jab. It is natural combo on it and jails on block. It’s -2 on block but has better tracking allowing you to hit people with the right punch that have stepped your jab and try to retaliate. Being +6 on hit allows this string to be used as a 10 frame punish when you want to have good plus frames afterwards, as +6 allows you a decent mix-up without fear of getting hit in the process.

1,2,2- The 10 frame natural combo punisher for Noctis which does 27 damage (compared to the 15 damage 1,2) but is only +1 on hit. It jails on block but is unsafe at -11. The +1 on hit makes this move a lot less good for Noctis because his counter hit launcher is a high 14 frame move and his fastest low is 16 frame(but does high crush). It’s still good to use as a punish just be wary that your position afterwards isn’t amazing by any means compared to a character like Josie for instance who is a whopping +9 after landing her 1,2,2.

1,2,1+2 - This follow up to 1,2 is mid and doesn’t jail on hit or block. It’s essentially the same move as d/f+1+2, also being -9 on block and pushing the opponent away. It’s a good move to create some distance between you and your opponent especially versus characters who want to get in range 0 and beat you up. Be careful though for this follow up can be interrupted by up to 12 frames by people who know and counter hit you on block. That being said you can do 1,2,3/4 or 1,2 into sidestep on block and whiff punish their attempt to interrupt/ch your 1+2 follow up.

1,2,3/4 - This is an evasive follow up where Noctis teleports to the left(3) or right(4) and ends up in full crouch. It’s not worth talking too much about as I don’t recommend using it often over something like 1,2 into sidestep left/right. It sure looks cool though and gives you a full crouch mix up, but people who are ready for it can launch you for it compared to just sidestepping after 1,2 which is harder to punish in this fashion.

2word 2wing 2pam 2tring2 (aka 22222222222)

2,2 - Mid, mid -9 on block, good range, slightly linear. Decent safe poke string from some distance. +6 on hit so it allows for a decent mix-up on hit, though I’d favor using mids after hit as people tend to duck on hit for the follow ups.

2,2,f+2 - Mid third hit, very unsafe at -14 but causes tailspin/screw and thus wall splat/break on hit. You can throw it out at the wall sometimes if your opponent has been ducking the follow ups a lot. In neutral the risk reward on using this is pretty awful, only use it on a strong read and use it rarely.

2,2,b+2 - Special mid third hit, teleports back and throws sword. Bad mix up tool being special mid and unsafe at -11. Good ender to combos as it gives a strong d/b+2 or d/b+1+2 oki like all thrown sword okis.

2,2,2,2,2 - That's a lot of 2! You can continue the 2 string into two highs that don’t jail on block, but do become natural combo if the third 2 hits with the final hit being a mid knockdown. The entire string is guaranteed in the rear and gives you a guaranteed d/b+1+2 which will launch any button the opponent presses. Generally it’s not worth it to go for the third and fourth hit in neutral because good players will just duck and launch. Be warned third and fourth hit are still -8 and -7 and the last mid is -14.

Dextra Edge

4,2 - It's 12 frames but strictly worse as a punish than b+1,2. If this hits someone in the air they will be sent flying and Noctis will teleport after them. This gives him the opportunity to use his air moves and generate a lot of wall carry. Be wary about the number of hits that have occured before you send your opponent in the air though, as starting from 4/5 hits you can't reliably hit them in the air with your 2.

Greatsword Home and Cancel

1+2(,B) - An 18 frame high-mid string with an option to cancel the last hit. If you don't cancel it's -14 on block but if you do it's safe at -9. Overal homing wise I find this move to have good range but it's very slow and high, Noctis has a better homing move in f,f+1+2. It has an edge on u/f+4 in terms of range and being slightly faster but it doesn't crush lows like u/f+4. It's best use might be to punish -18 and more standing moves at the wall like RA. The cancel can give you mental frame advantage but I'd advice to stay away from such tactics as the risk/reward is pretty abominable overall.

KURAE aka Throw Sord

f+2 - The sword throw, a special mid projectile that goes through other projectiles and gives you KND and 33 damage if the throw animation activates(else it is 8). This gives you good oki between d/b+2 and d/b+1+2. Excellent whiff punisher, safe on block at -9 (compared to the version in strings) but it puts you in Noctis’ worst range at -9 frame disadvantage so don’t just spam it. It’s also very linear and even on whiff it will roll Noctis forward and allow players to launch you easily. Still though the range is insane but it has 20 frame startup so if someone moves in on you from  up close it might be hard to catch them with this move but long range whiffs and run ins you can definetely stop dead in their tracks. This move also asserts a lot of annoying pressure on the opponent from anywhere on the stage pretty much.

Just an example from what I talked about just now: imagine you face Jin at range 3(3 backdashes away) and they run in and then do f+4, if you try to react to the run in there and throw your sword you will get counter hit and launched. It has some frames where you count as jumping and some extra evasion so you can avoid some moves,(e.g. on block you can avoid the 4 in b+1,4 from Leo for example). Keeping yourself from throwing the sword when you have a solid lead unless you are sure it will hit, people like to bait it.

Knee Nosebleeder

f+3/WS+3 (,2) - A 16 frame mid that causes nosebleed on hit. This is exactly the same as his WS+3 except his WS version is 14 frames. On block just the knee is safe though the sword is -11. If this hits your opponent will have a nosebleed stun where they hold their nose and will be unable to block the sword throw follow up(giving you that sweet thrown sord oki). The only way to break this is by pressing down, though big characters like the bears can never avoid getting hit. Interestingly enough you can screw characters with d+2,2 if they break the nosebleed stun. f+3,2 is also a nice ender post floor break on open ground if you have already screwed the opponent (see clip).

Long leg into ballerina spin

f+4(,2) - 17 frame mid, mid that causes tailspin/screw. Good mix-up potential at the wall between this and emoman. It’s nc on hit but on block the 2 is -11 and you can get interrupted between the 4 and the 2 by RA or a scary ch high. Range isn’t bad on it either. The recovery if you use this as a screw in combos is huge, be warned.

The Mid Spear

f+1+2 - a 16 frame mid with godlike range that cause KND. Is a good punish vs -16 moves with a lot of pushback that your d/f+2 doesn’t reach. Faster keep out tool than f+2 but hella unsafe at -19. The pushback at the tip can mess up the punishment for some characters but overall relatively risky. Can catch backroll on certain oki situations like normal hit d/b+2 and f,F+4 but not recommended.

Roly Poly Mixupoly

f+3+4,(3+4/1) - A high crushing roll stance that has two moves out of it. Since its buffs it has some increased useability though the innate mixup in the roll is very risky. The 3+4 option is a slide that can crush mids including RA (see clip). After the slide you get a guaranteed d/b+1+2, it's super launchable on block though so be careful using this too often. The 1 option is your f+1+4 except of KND it wall bounces the opponent on hit.

So immediatly it becomes clear that your roll mixup gives the most reward at the wall, where the slide becomes a lot more risky to block low incase the shield comes out and you get wall bounce combo videod. On open ground slides I'd suggest not using this slide to mixup as much besides as a high crush call. Also interesting to do is an empty slide without a stance move afterwards, this can freeze up the opponent allowing you to do a safer mid/low mixup or just apply jab pressure or throw. It's also neat to scout for information what the opponent wants to do in response to your roll.

The rolling shield hits your opponent's sideroll after f,F+4 making it an attractive oki choice.


f+1+4 - A 23 frame mid power crush. An option you always need to have in mind when you’re being pressured, especially by a mid spamming pressure character up close like Claudio. This move has a guaranteed follow-up in f+1+2 for a decent chunk of damage. This also wall breaks with good oki post wall break allowing you to u/f+4 screw post wall break for instance. -13 on block like a decent amount of other characters’ power crushes. Hits every option on normal hit d/b+2 oki besides staying down on the ground.

The generic d/f+1

d/f+1(,4) - a fast 13 frame mid. Crushes male jabs sometimes. Tracks right better than left but pretty damn step able. The follow up is only guaranteed on counter hit but it can easily be ducked and launched if it isn’t. You also can’t delay the follow up so you have to commit. Bad habit to throw out the follow-up a lot but the reward is big at the wall giving you wall combo. On hit d/f+1 is +7 so it gives you a lot of room to mix-up. One of Noctis’ best moves in closer ranges to check the opponent as it is only -1 on block.


d/f+2 - very unsafe  mid launcher at -20 on block but for whiff punishing bigger whiffs (aka you know you won't get this blocked) this move is amazing having godlike range and launches both crouching and standing. Also amazing block punishment allowing you to launch punish deathfist and the last hit of demoman with ease thanks to its range. Very solid but don’t throw it out in neutral unless you’re punishing a move on block or whiff. Also after f,F+4 you can catch backroll attempts made by male hitboxes and bigger. Haha, gimmicks!

Right leg D/F strings

d/f+4,2 - A mid high, hit confirmable(though hard) string on normal hit. The second hit is high non jailing on block though. Mid is -7 by itself allowing you to fit in a parry but it’s better to catch them with a delayed second hit. Good mid poke that tracks in the other direction than d/f+1. You can use this string to wall carry, also to carry after wallsplats (see clip).

d/f+4,2,4 - A knd/wall splat high last hit of the string. You can’t delay this last hit but you can sometimes catch people at the wall with d/f+4 into delayed 2,4 as the 4 is guaranted on ch 2. This gives you a wallsplat but don’t pull it out to often. Can also use this string for wall carry in combos.

d/f+4,2,2 - The last hit of this string is the orbital, really useless mix-up as it is way too slow to mix-up people who can just block or float you. Don't use this.

Great sword Screw

d/f+1+2 - A great sword slash identical to the one in the punch string. Good range but really linear easily stepped to both sides. -9. Good pushback but I still wouldn’t use it as a range creator/get off me for it is so slow and linear. You use this as a screw in a lot of combos.

If only it was generic d+1

d+1 - Not a great move really a 17 frame mid with multiple hits, second hit hits on the ground and tracks to Noctis' left(so your SSR). No crushing, generally stay away from this one. Would trade this for a dick jab in a heartbeat. At the wall if you need a little bit of damage to kill this can cover both stay on the ground and get up crouching safely. It also transitions into crouch and at +4 on hit this allows you to do a similar mix up as fc df+2 on hit. It'l only -3 on block and leaves you crouching for a dickjab interrupt or you can try to read a high retaliation. Sadly it makes you unable to sidestep afterwards in the down direction making it's frames on block less exploitative.

Sword low screw

d+2,2 - A low, high that only jail on counter hit. It can’t be low parried. There’s no real benefit to this move compared to other options in neutral considering risk/reward (-15 on block low, high can be ducked and launched on hit) . Its only real use is in specific combos like the dagger float combo.


d+4,1(,1+2) - Emoman, a pun on Paul's demoman. 18 frame string low high mid that sweeps the opponent If you commit to the second hit(which you always should). Only sweeps very shallow though making it smarter not commit to the third hit which is -18 and leaves them crouched on block. You can hit confirm this third hit however nullifying this risk entirely. If you input just the first two buttons and then see if they are swept from their feet you can still successfully input the last part, even getting the just frame with the right timing (see below). The low can be sidestepped right.

The 18 frames startup also means this move is very slow and can only be used when you’re sure your opponent isn’t going to challenge or you are very + (example, after hitting your 1 you are +8 and in their face, or when you hit f,F+1+2). Has a blue spark just frame that does 1 extra damage and has Noctis say "ORA" (see clip). The timing is that you press 1+2 the moment the 1 sword hits and he says "SEI", if you practice this it becomes really easy to land.

If you do just the two first hits it send your opponent flying a short distance and they can splat against the wall if you do it at the right distance giving you a wall combo for a juicy 60+ damage. On open ground you get okay oki out of this, you can do a forward roll or a running attack after their tech roll (and you realign yourself).

The full string floorbreaks allowing you to screw for full combo post-break.


d/b+1(,1+2 | ,F~) A 15 frame mid,mid poke with good frames. Range is less good than 2,2 but is +6 on hit and only -5 on block. Has good tracking on the follow up to the right and is hit confirmable. Can float people off the ground in certain situations, for example on block vs eddy’s b+3,3 relaxed. The float after counter hit d/b+2 is possible but not guaranteed, essentially a trap if they don’t hold u/b for a float reset. You can float bears on normal hit with this after a SSL (See clip)

If you hold forward after the first hit you will roll, on block this is very disadvantageous (-6) and will only mix-up people that are feeling pressured. On hit you are neutral going into the roll leaving a genuine mix-up between the pc mid and slide.

Finna d/b+2

d/b+2 - A slow reactable(24 frames + unique startup animation) low that has godlike range(2,5 ish) and now in season 2 causes knockdown on normal hit instead of only counter hit. This low allows Noctis to pressure the opponent on his offense in neutral so they start ducking his strong mids. Very strong move online thanks to it being way harder to react to than offline though like the mid spear it is -19 and thus launch punishable by the entire cast(though the range might throw you off). On counter hit you get a guaranteed d/b+1+2 or a float combo if you are at the right range and they don’t hold u/b.

On normal hit on the open ground f+1+2 will hit every option except if they stay down but then you  can hit them with another d/b+2 or d/b+1+2 or alternatively SSR into d/b+1,1+2 will float them off the ground. If they hold back you can run in with a running attack to take initiative again or space into your range 2.5 50/50.

Sweep Poke

d+3 or d/b+3 - A high crushing low, does 13 damage. 16 frames and -2 on hit and leaves you crouched. The only real good option to interrupt opponents taking their turns after getting hit by this is a dick jab from full crouch but that has its own risks. Try stepping afterwards and don’t try and steal turns after hitting this too often. Good low keep out poke that has amazing tracking both ways and decent recovery. Be careful using this vs Josie and Kazuya as they can launch you on block since it's -13.

Stepping On Ankles

d/b+4 – A 17 frame standing low that used to be strictly worse than d/b+3 making it entirely useless. Now it is -1 on hit instead of -2. It’s also safer at -12 on block making it not launch able by Kazuya and Josie. Limited use besides those two match-ups in my experience.


d/b+1+2(*) – A 25 frame mid with excellent range (between 3-4). Tracks amazingly at range +-2.5 being able to catch sidestepping in both directions(but can be  walked though you'd have to dedicate to it early). It is -16 but due to it’s amazing pushback a lot of the cast can’t punish it. Has some high evasive properties vs highs that are well.. pretty high(this occurs around frame 12 of the startup and ends at or before frame 18.). If you hold in the command the sword becomes +4 on block and does more damage but you can’t cancel this attack making it very risky to do unless you’ve conditioned the opponent not to try and step it.

Up close it is really easy to step both ways, with SSR being slightly more effective. This move’s design makes it ridiculously strong when spaced correctly, this move is part of the reason why Noctis dominates the 2.5 range. It hits grounded (and AOP) making it useful as an oki techroll catch in certain situations such as thrown sord oki.

12 frame punish

b+1(,2) - Noctis' 12 frame punish that does 31 damage and leaves you at a very favorable +7 and at some distance(a perfect f,f+1+2 will beat out pretty much any option besides standing block from the opponent). It is hit confirm able. It is high-high and doesn't jail on block making it dangerous to throw out in neutral without hit confirming. b+1 by itself is also punishable as it is -11. The 2 is -9 but it pushes the opponent back. Versus floating opponents it'll send them spinning through the air in a high fashion making it good to do at a certain distance to the wall to give you a nice high wall splat. Experiment with it in practice mod to get a feel for the distance.

Pikachu Punch

b+2(jf1+2) - A 15 frame mid that's +4-5 on hit and -9 on block. It's pretty linear and only does 13 damage BUT if you hit confirm it into a just frame 1+2 input Noctis will cast thunder on his opponent making the move +6 and deal 33 damage making it a very damaging and advantageous move. The problem with it besides linearity however is that Noctis' lack of threatening lows from standing offline makes it less likely that the opponent will get caught by this often. It looks hella cool and it is really damn nice when you pull it off but overall it doesn't fit your typical game plan very well.

A hint on hitting the just frame: See clip.

14 frame punish

b+3(,1)(*) - A high kick into a KND mid shield bash. Natural combo on hit and your 14 frame punish for 37 damage. Only use this to punish -14 moves. Gives a wallsplat/wallbreak. Sometimes better to do vs -15 moves near the wall. Be careful of -14 moves that recover in a high crushing fashion such as Devil Jin's Rage Drive, punish this with df+4,2 instead. The cancel into backturn or the 3 by itself is bad to use.

Backturn kick ORA

b+4(,1+2/*) - Though slow at 18 frames this natural combo string has some merit as a keepout tool. The second hit gives you an ORA launch on counterhit and KND on normal hit. You can hold it to go backturn at -7 on block and +7 on hit (from back turn you can press d/b to create a lot of space like Master Raven/Lei). It is -13 with pushback if you finish the string. Not too bad of a move to throw out in neutral sometimes to try and catch someone running in. Use sparingly though. As a wall combo this can work pretty well in iffy situations like wallsplats at weird angles since the 1+2 magically automatically adjusts its axis to help it hit your opponent.


b+1+4 - A mid shield attack with a build in punch parry. Has merits vs fist focused characters such as Steve. Gives guaranteed ORA follow up on its KND for pretty decent damage. It's only -11 on hit. A tool to apply correctly in certain matchups and vs certain opponents.

Sword of the Papa

b+2+3 - Noctis' unblockable attack, super slow, mid, really damn linear to a point where a small step will make it whiff. Good range though. Don't use this except if you want to disrespect your opponent. 50 damage though.

Stab Dab

u+1 | u/f+1 - A 14 frame CH launcher. Only -4 and good pushback. Though it is a high. Great tool to keep opponents out, though an opponent who approaches and ducks will punish you for it. Doing two in a row results in a counterhit way more than it should vs agressive opponents. +8 on normal hit as well giving you advantage and distance. Not a bad move though its speed makes it not a good CH tool at range 0 when pressured.

Sword Orbital

u/f+2 | u+2 - A slow(30 frame) mid launcher that has questionable crushing properties. People will be able to standblock this on reaction though it is safe at -8. Can catch steps up close. It's a bad panic button and only really good on a hard read in neutral or as an approach tool vs characters who like to engage with lows. Be careful something you'll just fly over your opponent and don't hit them with the forward version. You can jump cancel this move by doing a jump and pressing the 2 at the start of the jump animation making the move come out slightly faster and thus making it better.

Not lightning screw

u/f+3 - A 17 frame low crushing mid launcher using standable and crouch. As a a very high hitting mid it gets crushed by certain sweeps(but it makes for good anti air). Has very short range.  -13 making it essentially Noctis' hopkick. This move will make you angry when it decides to whiff. Note that you are crouched after the animation on hit.

Homing High

u/f+4 - A 17 frame safe homing high move that low crushes(in turn gets crushed by high crushing lows and usually leaves you in a bad spot thanks to its bad recovery). KND on hit. Has use versus characters with a lot of non-high crushing lows such as most mishimas. Overall it is better to rely on f,f+1+2 for your homing needs.

Fire ender

f,f+4 - A mid that is effective in combos as an ender versus opponent facing forward post screw that does a lot of damage(50) and gives you amazing oki, allowing you to catch backrolls vs males with d/f+2, a roll will essentially give you a strong mixup game. Any wakeup option can get punished by whiff punishing using d/f+2.

Homing Daggers

f,f+1+2 - Mid, push back, some high evasion, safe(-9), counter hit launcher, relatively fast at 16 frames, range adjustable with dash, homing and screw. +10 ballerina spin on hit so it wall breaks and wall splats and gives you amazing follow up pressure on hit even allowing you to emoman if they hold back. This move is pretty good. Use it. But don't overuse it as you just park yourself at -9 near the opponent. But definitely one of Noctis' key mid moves along side ORA, d/f+1 and d/b+1,1+2.


f,f+3+4 - A high dropkick move that leaves you on the ground on block. Does a lot of damage though for a single hit. Use as a wall/balcony break on high enough wall splats(such as b+1,2 on float).

Running Greatsword

f,f,f+1+2 - A mid +11(!) on block launcher move with 26 base damage. It is 23 frames but slower in reality to do it requiring your to be running(which is a 3 frame just frame command to go into the running stance). It has low crushing properties making it very nice to use vs wake up 3 and low keep out moves. Can be stepped to the right but requires a big enough step, preferring a walk. If you do this right after you hit the rolling shield for oki you will catch your opponent if they step making it just a strong move to do for oki in that situation. Be careful from using this move too obviously from too long a distance like with Dragunov's wr+2.

Air Moves

1+2 (whilst at the top arc of your jump) - A linear great sword down slash mid move. Can break the floor in combos(so you can use this after 4,2 puts you in the air). It's +5 on block allowing you to u/f+1 any moves that doesn't have armor or high crushing properties. The push back makes your kick lows leaving little room for a real mix-up but still it allows you to retain space and advantage. Beware its linearity however. Also on normal hit it will KND.

3 - A mid kick that has pretty bad properties overall, stay away from this moves. if you 4,2 float someone close to the wall you can use this to wall splat so you can get a wall combo easily without risking to drop it but it's generally worse than your air 2 string

1 - A little mid palm thrust that can be up to +1 on block if done at its lowest point before reaching the ground. Might have some interesting applications as I doubt many people would know how to deal with this move on block.

2 string - A screwing trippel sword slash, can be used to punish Akuma's demon flip and devil jin's u+4. You can also slash once jumping away which might have some use as a keep out tool. Overal little use besides combos.

4 - A mid kick that's very highly placed and might even miss standing opponents at top of your jump arc. In the air causes a weird spinning motion to happen to the opponent. Don't see any use for this.

While Standing Moves

WS 1(,2) - Noctis' 13 frame while standing punisher. The string is natural on hit. The second hit can be delayed and confirmed on counter hit but there's no good indicator in my experience. It's +2 on hit and forces crouch, making df1 a strong option to continue pressure as well as a step as you might step retaliation and get a launch. The ws1 tracks to the right so SSL will deal with it, it's harder to step after being +4 like say from a FC d/f+2 or a d+1 but not impossible. The 1 by itself is also -8 on block which seals your movement options somewhat on block though the follow up might grant you some mental frame advantage.

WS 2(,2) - Noctis' 15 frame while standing punisher. It launches the opponent with an instant screw. The first hit is -9 on block but has good tracking both ways. If you want to do both hits you got to commit and at -14 this can be super risky vs. some match ups such as Law or Bryan. First hit is -3 on hit though which kill your pressure if the opponent is aware.

WS 3(,1) - See F+3. Only difference is 14 frame startup compared to 16.

WS 4 - A generic ws+4, +5 on hit, -6 on block. Your 11 frame while standing punish.

Full Crouch Sword Low

FC d/f+2 - A 20 frame low accessible from full crouch with good range and homing properties. It also leaves the opponent pretty close on block. It's +4 on hit giving you a decent mixup from full crouch as it forces the opponent into crouch as well(sealing a sidestep direction). On counter hit it causes a special animation that gives you +13 which allows you to continue your FC mixup.

Sidestep Mid Sword

SS+2 - A mid move available from sidestep.  Good vertical range but horrendous horizontal hitbox(see clip) . +5 forced crouch on hit giving you a good low/mid mix up or an uf+1 counter hit opportunity. On counter hit it causes KND and gives a free d/b+1+2.  

Backturn Lawnchair

BT 2 - 20 frame mid launcher accessible from back turn. It's safe at -9. Has some uses thanks to its great range. You can adopt a keep away style using the BT transition moves into this or into d/b to create space.

Fake 10 hit combo

d/f+3,1,2,2,1,1,2,1+2,1,2 - A fake 10 hit combo as it does 11 hits. It's a bad string to use besides as a finisher vs an unknowing opponent as it is Noctis' only string with a Mid/Low component in the same string. Generally don't use except for memes.


1+3+4 - Noctis says "EZ" and drives his opponent into a fervent rage. A strong mind game move only for the most galaxy brain of Noctii.


Noctis' has a pretty poor throw game like most new characters consisting of normal throws and a 1+2 command throw.

Blizzard - (f+)1+3 - gives decent oki afterwards with opponent face towards the ground towards you. Be careful of special character options like Dragunov and Marduk as the recovery on succes is +0 -5 if broken. 12 frame normal version 15 frame doing the forward one.

Thunder - (f+)2+4 - switches side both on break and succes. Makes a great deal of distance on succes. Good to get away from the wall. 12 frame normal version 15 frame doing the forward one. +0 on succes -5 if broken. 12 frame normal version 15 frame doing the forward one.

Fire - b+1+2 - Noctis' only command throw. Broken with 1+2. +0 on succes, -5 on break. 40 damage which is more than the generic throws. Considering Noctis' weak lows it's not a bad idea to opt for this move if the opponent has trouble breaking throws. 12 frames and there's no forward version making the range options worse. Same as his Side throw.

Spear up your ass - throw back turn opponent,  does 50 damage and looks hella sweet. He even says yoyuu afterwards.


b+1+3/b+2+4 - Noctis' special parry that works vs highs and mids besides knees, elbows, foreheads, shoulders , rage arts and throws. Active from frame 3-12 making it a common setup after moves such as d/f+4 and d/b+1,1+2 (as it will counter 10-17 frame moves). Wall splats at the wall giving you a wall combo. 30 damage. +10 when it works so good oki but opponent has time to roll away from your running attack so approach and keep your eyes open, they are also face away towards you so they have acces to spring kick. If you whiff the recovery takes a good amount of frames(25+) so be ware.


In this section I will go over Noctis' combo structure and bread and butter combos from all of his launchers.


Coming soon.

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