King of The Hill Tournament (Sponsored by Dragontail Gaming)


King of Dragon Mountain!

Dragontail Gaming and BasedAisk presents: King of Dragon Mountain, a Tekken 7 King of The Hill Invitational!
The tournament will take place on the 2nd of June, with a 16-person ladder to decide the champion.
BasedAisk is hosting the event, and everything will be streamed at:

How to qualify

  • Top8 from the Salty EU Tekken 7 tournaments on the 18th and 25th of May will automatically receive an invitation. * **
  • Registration to the qualifying Salty EU events can be found here.
    *Players can only qualify once, meaning that players further down the list will qualify in the case that someone places top8 twice.
    **Players further down the list will qualify if an invited player is not able to compete.


  • A prizepool of €150 total has been provided by Dragontail Gaming.
  • The winner of the tournament will receive €100. *
  • The player with the largest winstreak will receive €50. * **
    *Prizes are not mutually exclusive, meaning that a player can be eligible to receive both prizes.
    **If there is a draw for largest winstreak, a BO3 will be played as a tie breaker. The winstreak will be based on total match wins.


  • King of the hill is a ladder style tournament, which means that the players will be playing according to a fixed order.
  • The starting position of each player will be randomized one week before the tournament starts.
  • Players will know their own starting position with numbers ranging from 1-16.
  • In the first match #1 and #2 will face off, with the winner of that match moving on to play #3.
    • This step will be repeated until there are no more players left.
    • The winner of the last match wins the tournament.


  1. The tournament will be played on PC.
  2. Character picks are locked, meaning that you can only play a single character throughout the whole tournament.
  3. Matches will be BO3.
  4. The loser of a match can pick a stage, for the first match the stage must be random.
  5. Character customs are allowed, however weapon items must not be used. *
  6. Disconnections DURING a match results in 1 win to the opponent. Disconnecting during syncing does nothing, and the game will be restarted.
    *Any player who uses a weapon item will receive an automatic game loss

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