Announcing Coolshop GGW! ~€1300 Tekken 7 Prizepool


Get Ready For The Next Battle!

In collaboration with FGCA, I'm happy to announce the return of FGC events at Coolshop GGW.
GeeksGoneWild have hosted LAN events since 2005. Coolshop GGW 2020 will be their 25th event, and they have decided to expand the TEKKEN tournament and prizepool.
This year the prizepool for TEKKEN 7 will be more than 10.000DKK (€1300+)!

Coolshop GGW 2020 will be a three day LAN event, with a dedicated FGC area and multiple FG related side-tournaments. Apart from FGs, there wil also be CS:GO, League of Legends, Fortnite, FIFA, Minecraft, Hearthstone, Rocket League, VR, and more at the event!

The event will take place on the 24-26th of January 2020 in Aalborg, Denmark.


  • Tekken 7 Tournament Pass: 100DKK (~€13,40)
  • Spectator Weekend-Pass: FREE!
  • Side-Tournaments: FREE!
  • Sign up here


We are happy to announce a prizepool of 10.000DKK (~€1300)!
Futhermore, half of the money from sign-ups will go directly to the prizepool, meaning that each competitor will add an additional 50DKK (~€6,70).


(Schedule is not final)

  • Friday: Casual Matches & Side-Tournaments (16:00-24:00)
  • Saturday: Tekken 7 Tournament  (10:00-24:00)
  • Sunday: Casual Matches (10:00-12:00)

Travel & Accommodation

Venue Location: Gigantium, Willy Brandts Vej 31, 9220 Aalborg.

Nearby Airports:

  • Aalborg Airport is about 45min away from the venue if you travel by bus.
  • Aarhus Aiport is about 2½ - 3hours away from Aalborg. You will have to take a bus to Aarhus station, and then a train, or Flixbus, directly to Aalborg from there. This aiport is especially cheap if you are flying from the UK.
  • Billund Airport is about 3hours away from Aalborg. You will have to take a bus to Vejle station, and then a train directly to Aalborg from there.
  • Copenhagen Airport is about 5 - 6½hours away from Aalborg. You can take the train, or a Flixbus, directly from the aiport to Aalborg. Even with the additional distance and travel time, this is still a good option as tickets to/from Copenhagen airport usually are a lot cheaper than the other airports.

Train tickets can be bought HERE - Check the box saying "Show me cheap DSB Orange tickets", as this will save you a lot of money. The earlier you order tickets, the cheaper they will be!

You can always check this site for additional public transport help and information within Denmark.


  • You can take any bus directly outside the train station labeled "2", and a subsequent letter, directly to the venue (for instance 2A or 2B).
  • You can take the bus labeled "12" to the train station from the airport, and change to any "2" bus directly outside the train station.
  • Alternatively, the "12" bus stops relatively close by the venue, but it will be a bit of a walk.

General bus and ticket information can be found HERE!

Hotels & Deals: TBA.

Food & Restaurants: TBA.


Last Year's Event

You can find the VOD from last year's tournament here:

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