SaltyEU Tekken 7 #99.13

Ready to go 0-2?

The tournament starts @6pm CEST!

Sign up now!

To join the tournament you simply have to sign up through Challonge:
Sign up here!

Remember to confirm that you are ready, by checking-in on Challonge before the tournament starts!
Check-ins will open at 16:00CET on the day of the tournament.

The tournament will be streamed here:

Rules and more detailed information can be found below.

  1. Players must be situated in Europe.
    • Due to the recent netcode improvements, more regions will be allowed as an experiment. This means that Israel, Georgia, and Russia (no further east than Moscow) will be allowed in this week's tournament.
    • Wifi is NOT permitted, please use an ethernet cable.
  2. Sets are BO3 matches.
    • Winners finals, Losers finals and Grand finals are BO5 matches.
  3. Players have to update the scores on Challonge themselves after playing a match.

  4. Disconnections DURING a match results in 1 match point to the opponent.* Disconnecting during syncing does nothing, please reload.
    *If the DC happens during round 1, replay the match with 1-0 rounds to the opponent.

  5. Contact a TO on Steam if you're unable to find your tournament opponent.

  6. If you lose a match you may change your character OR pick a stage.
    • The winner of a match is NOT allowed to change their character.
    • If the winner DOES change their character, it results in 1 match point to the opponent.
    • It is allowed to change characters in-between sets though!
  7. The first stage must be picked at random.

  8. Customization with usable items is allowed. +1 cool point to anyone who actually uses them well.
  1. The prize pool starts at 10
    • All donations during the tournament will go towards the prize pool.
    • The winner will get paid through Paypal/Mobilepay.
  2. If the prize pool reaches 25 or less everything will be going to 1st place.

  3. If the prize pool reaches more than €25, the following will apply:
    • The first €25 will be secured for 1st place
    • The following €5 will be secured 2nd place
    • If the prize pool reaches more than €30, the leftovers will be split between 1st and 2nd place
    • If the prize pool reaches more than €100, the leftovers will be split 60/30/10 between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Note: Paypal might take a cut of your prize when I send the money due to difference in currencies or other settings :(

  1. Sign up with your Steam name if possible, it will save a lot of time and confusion.
  2. Remember to check-in to the tournament on Challonge before it starts!
    • Check-in opens two hours before tournament start.
    • It will be announced on stream when check-ins are finished (Usually 18:10).
    • The bracket will also be shuffled before tournament start.

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