SaltyEU Tekken 7 #117

Ready to go 0-2?

The tournament starts @6pm CEST!

Sign up now!

To join the tournament you simply have to sign up through Challonge:
Sign up here!

Remember to confirm that you are ready, by checking-in on Challonge before the tournament starts!
Check-ins will open at 16:00CEST on the day of the tournament.

The tournament will be streamed here:

Rules and more detailed information can be found below.

  1. Players must be situated in Europe.
    • To ensure the smoothest online experience possible, due to most players being from EU West, Russian players are banned from entering.
    • Wifi is NOT permitted, please use an ethernet cable.
    • 4G/5G routers are NOT permitted.
    • A TO may ask you for a connectivity test at any time.
  2. Sets are BO3 matches.
    • Winners finals, Losers finals and Grand finals are BO5 matches.
  3. Players have to update the scores on Challonge themselves after playing a match.

  4. Disconnections DURING a match results in 1 match point to the opponent.* Disconnecting during syncing does nothing, please reload.
    *If the DC happens during round 1, replay the match with 1-0 rounds to the opponent.

  5. Any complaints to a TO regarding connectivity must be made BEFORE a set is finished, otherwise the result will stand.*
    *If connectivity issues are discovered during a match, cease the match immediately and contact a TO.

  6. Contact a TO on Steam if you're unable to find your tournament opponent.

  7. If you lose a match you may change your character OR pick a stage.
    • The winner of a match is NOT allowed to change their character.
    • If the winner DOES change their character, it results in 1 match point to the opponent.
    • It is allowed to change characters in-between sets though!
  8. The first stage must be picked at random.

  9. Customization with usable items is allowed. +1 cool point to anyone who actually uses them well.
  1. The prize pool starts at 10
    • All donations during the tournament will go towards the prize pool.
    • The winner will get paid through Paypal/Mobilepay.
  2. If the prize pool reaches 25 or less everything will be going to 1st place.

  3. If the prize pool reaches more than €25, the following will apply:
    • The first €25 will be secured for 1st place
    • The following €5 will be secured 2nd place
    • If the prize pool reaches more than €30, the leftovers will be split between 1st and 2nd place
    • If the prize pool reaches more than €100, the leftovers will be split 60/30/10 between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Note: Paypal might take a cut of your prize when I send the money due to difference in currencies or other settings :(

  1. Sign up with your Steam name if possible, it will save a lot of time and confusion.
  2. Remember to check-in to the tournament on Challonge before it starts!
    • Check-in opens two hours before tournament start.
    • It will be announced on stream when check-ins are finished (Usually 18:10).
    • The bracket will also be shuffled before tournament start.

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