Salt-D #01

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Ladies, Gentlemen and everything inbetween- welcome to our very first installment of Salt-D!

Being the first tournament we host, this one's gonna be experimental as heck, so prepare yourselves. We're going to kick things off with a classic 1v1 tournament- this means Draft-Pick with a regular 3-ban rule per player, players will be meeting in midlane to fight each other, backports are allowed- the rest of the rules can be found below.

To join the tournament your team simply has to sign up through Challonge:
Sign up here!

Remember to confirm that you are ready, by checking-in on Challonge before the tournament starts!
Check-ins will open at 15:00CET on the day of the tournament.

The tournament will be streamed here:

Rules and more detailed information can be found below.

  1. Players need to be from EUW.

  2. Matches are 1v1 or 2v2.
    • Winners finals, Losers finals and Grand finals are BO3 matches
    • Matches are being played on Summoners Rift
      • Mid lane only
      • Backports are allowed
      • Scoring CS outside of midlane (eg. jungle or sideslanes) will result in an automatic loss
    • A match is over, if one of the following conditions apply:
      • First Blood (2 Deaths / Kills in a 2v2)
      • First turret is being destructed by a player, not by minions
      • A creepscore of 100 is being reached (whoever reaches 100 first in a 2v2 scenario)
  3. Players have to update the scores on Challonge themselves after playing a match.

  4. Disconnections DURING a match results in 1 match point to the opponent.

  5. Blind pick is used when choosing a Champion
    • Counterpicking is not possible like this (thanks Max for pointing this out)
    • There will still be 3 bans for each player, they will just be mentioned in the game lobby before getting into champ select
  6. All summonor spells and runes are allowed.
  1. The prize pool starts at 5Euro
    • All donations and subscriptions, during the tournament, will go towards the prize pool.
    • The winner will get paid through Paypal/Mobilepay.
  2. If the prize pool reaches 25€ or less everything will be going to 1st place.

  3. If the prize pool reaches more than 25€, the following will apply:
    • The first 25€ will be secured for 1st place
    • The following 5€ will be secured 2nd place
    • If the prize pool reaches more than 30€, the leftovers will be split between 1st and 2nd place
    • If the prize pool reaches more than 100€, the leftovers will be split 60/30/10 between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Note: Paypal might take a cut of your prize when I send the money due to difference in currencies or other settings :(

  1. To save alot of hassle and confusing, you can do a few things before the tournament starts
  2. Remember to check-in to the tournament on Challonge before it starts!
    • Check-in opens one hour before tournament start.
    • It will be announced on stream when check-ins are finished (Usually a few minutes after the stream starts).
    • The bracket will also be shuffled before tournament start.

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