Our Team

Get to know the people behind the salt!

Our Core Team


Tekken and Dragon Ball FighterZ Organizer

Creator and host of SaltyEU. Aisk oversees the Tekken 7, DBFZ and Salty League tournaments. He puts a big emphasis on community and partakes in several community driven efforts, such as being a main organizer for his local FGC when he is not doing SaltyEU. Hit him up if you are ever visiting Denmark.
Discord: Aisk#0325

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Street Fighter and Guilty Gear Organizer

Hi, I'm Dave, I hail from Switzerland and I love Fighting Games of all kinds. In early 2020, I joined up with Salty to play in their events, but quickly found myself wanting to contribute to the community and started putting on their Streetfighter Events. When I'm not going 0-2 in tournament or shouting my head off about an SPD, I like to relax by playing (and GMing) Dungeons and Dragons as well as watch movies and series. If you're looking for a hype play-by-play commentator, I'm your man!
Discord: JustDave#7795

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Deniz Gelion

Networking and Administration

Website wizard and art director. Deniz USED TO oversee the League of Legends tournaments, and the technical aspects of the website. He helps out Aisk behind the scenes, while putting an insane amount of work and effort into anything he does. Don't hit him up with any work requests though, as he would probably do them since he is a workaholic. Which means, *do* hit him up.

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Our Commentators

TDB | Mirku


Frame Data, Fundies, and young girl's undies
These were the ingredients chosen
To create the perfect little tekken player
But Professor B. accidentally
Added an extra ingredients to the concoction--
Chemical SALT
Thus, The Mirkehboi was born
Using their ultra-mediocre Tekken skills
TDB | Mirku
Has dedicated his life to fighting games
And being salty as f
Discord: TDB | Mirku#3759

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Hello! I’m the spainman Panterosida, I just like me some videogames man. I’m a fan of 3D fighting games (Tekken, Soul Calibur) and random bad fighting games (see me in terrordrome bruh). I like sharing the idea that you don’t have to be a good competitive player to enjoy fighting games, which is why I pour my heart and soul into commentary. I’m still kinda new at this, but I can guarantee that I will definitely say some words and be confused by what’s happening on the screen, so if you’re looking for a commentator with a shitty spanish accent, I’m your man!
*Small talk is not part of the deal, and will be deadpanned occasionally
**Alisa is cool ok
Discord: Panterosida#7624

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